A blog devoted to reviewing books of every known genre out there without discrimination.
This blog is (presently) run by Samadrita and Scarlet. We are both confirmed book addicts and read from a wide range of genres.


Samadrita has taken to reading serious literature more than reading books written with the sole purpose of entertaining readers, but she cares to insert a lighter read in between heavy reading sometimes. She reads to live but she also reads to learn.

She despises instances of misogyny and sexism in literature and is forever quick to point them out in her reviews.

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Even as a child, Scarlet was more interested in Dorothy's adventures in Oz than playing hide-and-seek with her cousins. Over time, this hobby of hers has grown into more of a necessity. Reading is as important to her as eating or sleeping is - go a day without and it makes her cranky.

Scarlet reads a little bit of everything though her main focus is YA. She has a soft spot for childrens' books and fantasy (not the dragon-dwarf type) so ratings could be a little biased in their favor.

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Sometimes we use the conventional format to review books, sometimes we also post 'non-reviews' which primarily consist of oblique statements made in context of the content of a particular book.

Besides reviews, this blog will also contain bookish posts on writers, analysis of Booker longlist, shortlist entries, Nobel laureates and their writing, latest trends in the world of publishing and anything that we feel is book-related.

We can be reached at:- musingsofabm@gmail.com

Note:- Due to time constraints, extremely busy schedules and a steadily growing list of books to be read and reviewed, we are no longer accepting review requests from authors

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